Fix Lego Fortnite Metal Smelting Villager Not Working

Lovekaran Singh

Fix Lego Fortnite Metal smelting villager not working

Ah, LEGO Fortnite. A land of building, battling, and… blacksmithing woes? Yep, some players are struggling with a frustrating glitch where their metal-smelting villagers simply refuse to, well, smelt.

No shiny ingots, no satisfying clanging, just a pile of unfulfilled orders and a whole lot of frustration.

How to Fix Lego Fortnite Metal smelting villager not working

We’ve gathered some potential fixes to get your furnaces roaring again:

Rebuild and Resmelt

While not the most thrilling solution, some players report that the issue vanished after a while. So, take a deep breath, build a new tower, and check back later.

Maybe the smelting gods will smile upon you again.

Job Swap Shuffle

Sometimes, a change of scenery can do wonders. Try assigning your villager to a different job, like lumberjack or baker, and then switch them back to metal smelting.

This might be the nudge they need to get back in the smelting groove.

Level Up, Forge Up

Some players theorize that higher village levels unlock a wider loot table, including the elusive smelted metal.

So, if you haven’t already, invest in those village upgrades! Who knows, you might just unlock more than a fancy new roof.

Report the Bug

Don’t suffer in silence! Head over to the official LEGO Fortnite channels (forums, social media) and report the issue. The more bug reports the developers receive, the sooner they’ll prioritize a fix.

Smelt Smoothly

Check your village layout. Make sure the smelter is accessible, with clear paths for your villager to reach it and the resource chest. Any blockages or weird angles could be throwing a wrench (or rather, a hammer) in their smelting plans.

Remember, builders, even the sturdiest structures can have cracks. Keep trying, keep building, and keep reporting the bug.

With a little patience and community effort, we’ll get those furnaces roaring and our metal supplies overflowing in no time!

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