Maps and Mission Locations in Escape From Tarkov


escape from tarkov map plus missions location

Escape From Tarkov, a multiplayer first-person shooter video game, has captivated gamers worldwide with its intricate gameplay mechanics and challenging quests. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the various maps and mission locations within Escape From Tarkov, providing valuable insights for both new and experienced players.

Maps Locations in Tarkov

Maps in Escape From Tarkov Escape From Tarkov features 12 distinct locations, each presenting its own unique set of challenges and opportunities.

As of now, 9 of these locations have been released, offering diverse environments for players to explore and conquer. Let’s take a closer look at some of these maps:

Maps and Mission Locations in Escape From Tarkov
  1. Factory: This map encompasses the industrial estate and facilities of Chemical Plant No. 16, which were illicitly rented out to the TerraGroup corporation. It provides a compact and intense battleground for players.
  2. Customs: Situated adjacent to the factory zone, Customs is a sprawling area of industrial park land, offering a mix of close-quarters combat and open spaces for tactical engagements.
  3. Woods: A vast forested area characterized by hills, rocks, and open terrain, Woods favors long-range engagements and strategic maneuvering.
  4. Interchange: This map features a three-story shopping complex with a variety of different stores, providing diverse combat scenarios within an urban environment.
  5. Reserve: The secret Federal State Reserve Agency base, rumored to contain ample supplies to endure a nuclear war, presents a high-stakes battleground for resourceful players.
  6. Shoreline: As the largest map in the game, Shoreline is located on the coastal area, offering a mix of long-range engagements and close-quarters combat in diverse environments.
  7. The Lab: TerraGroup Labs, an underground laboratory complex, serves as a clandestine battleground beneath the center of Tarkov, providing a unique and challenging setting for players.
  8. Lighthouse: Currently in development, Lighthouse is an eagerly anticipated addition to the game, promising new challenges and opportunities for players to explore.
  9. Streets of Tarkov: Another map currently in development, Streets of Tarkov will bring the intense urban warfare to the forefront, offering a dynamic and challenging environment for players.

Mission Locations in Escape From Tarkov

Mission Locations in Escape From Tarkov Missions, also known as quests, form a significant aspect of the gameplay in Escape From Tarkov.

These missions encompass a wide range of tasks, including eliminating specific NPCs, locating rare items, and reaching designated locations.

The mission locations are intricately woven into the fabric of the game, often requiring players to navigate through the diverse maps to accomplish their objectives.

For instance, the “Search Mission” unfolds in the northwest corner of a map, presenting players with a specific location to explore and scavenge for valuable resources.

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