Monster Hunter: World Error 400-MW1: Fix


Fix Monster Hunter: World Error 400-MW1

Monster Hunter: World players are getting Error 400-MW1.This error typically indicates a connection issue between your device and the game servers. However, fear not, as there are several potential solutions to resolve this issue and get you back to hunting monsters in no time.

How To Fix Monster Hunter: World Error 400-MW1

To fix Monster Hunter: World Error 400-MW1, try using a VPN to mask your IP address, reset your router and console, delete the game’s error log, and modify launch options on your PC. Returning to the Assembly Hall in-game or temporarily using a hotspot or VPN connection can also help.

Ensure network ports are open on your router, aim for an open NAT connection, and check your internet speed.

Delete Error Log and Modify Launch Options

A user on the Steam Community forums recommended a more technical approach to resolving Error 400-MW1 on PC. Navigate to the local files of Monster Hunter: World on your computer and locate the logs folder. Delete the error log file within this folder. Next, modify the game’s launch options by adding “-nofriendsui -udp”.

Finally, verify the integrity of the game files through the Steam client by going to properties and selecting the option to verify integrity. This process can help troubleshoot any potential file corruption issues that may be contributing to the error.

Return to Assembly Hall

Another suggestion from the Steam Community involves returning to the Assembly Hall within the game. Start a mission and upon completion, choose the option to return to the Assembly Hall. This method may help reset certain game variables and potentially resolve the error.

Temporarily Use a Hotspot or VPN Connection

If the issue persists, temporarily switching to a mobile hotspot or using a different VPN connection can sometimes help. This approach is particularly useful if the error is related to your IP address or network configuration.

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