Fix Nightingale Crashing Issue


Fix Nightingale Crashing Issue

Nightingale players have been plagued by crashes for some players. These crashes can be frustrating, especially when they occur frequently. Fortunately, several potential solutions can help you get back to playing smoothly.

How To Fix the Nightingale Crashing Issue

To address the Nightingale crashing problem, several steps can be taken. First, adjust your PC’s DNS settings to Google’s DNS, reset your router, and clear Steam’s download cache. For browser users, ensure it’s updated and disable any extensions.

Additionally, AMD users should update their graphics card drivers and explore alternatives like Intel XeSS for upscaling or Unreal Engine’s TSR tool. Keep an eye out for official updates from the developers for a lasting solution.

Users have reported success with fixing the Nightingale error by adjusting DNS settings to Google’s DNS and resetting routers. Clearing Steam’s download cache has also proven effective. AMD users, particularly affected by crashes due to FSR 3, should prioritize updating their graphics card drivers and remain vigilant for official updates from AMD to address game-related issues.

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