Palworld Alarm Bell Bug: How to Fix


Fix Palworld Alarm Bell Bug

Palworld players have reported a bug that causes their Pals to freeze in combat mode and behave erratically when they use the Alarm Bell, a device that can switch the Pals between working and fighting.

How to Fix Palworld Alarm Bell Bug

Here are some of the possible solutions that you can try to fix the Palworld Alarm Bell Bug:

Restart the Game

The simplest solution is to restart the game and see if the bug goes away. To do this, you need to save your game and exit to the main menu. Then, launch the game again and load your save file. Check if your Pals are working normally and if the Alarm Bell is functioning properly.

Disassemble the Alarm Bell

Another solution is to disassemble the Alarm Bell and rebuild it. To do this, you need to go to the base where the Alarm Bell is located and interact with it. Then, select the option to disassemble it and confirm. You will get back the materials that you used to craft it. Next, go to the Primitive Workbench and craft a new Alarm Bell.

Use the Palbox

A third solution is to use the Palbox, a technology item that can be unlocked at level 2. The Palbox is a device that can store your Pals and let you access them anytime. To do this, you need to craft a Palbox and place it in your base.

Then, interact with it and select the option to store all your Pals. Next, exit the Palbox and restart the game. 

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