Fix Palworld Anubis Not Working Issue


Fix Palworld Anubis Not Working Issue

Palworld, the captivating game that blends the elements of creature collection and simulation, has taken the gaming world by storm. However, like any complex virtual environment, players may encounter occasional glitches and bugs that can affect the performance of their beloved pals. One such issue reported by users involves the Anubis pal not functioning as expected.

How to Fix Palworld Anubis Not Working Issue

Here are some user suggestions and potential solutions to address the Anubis not working glitch in Palworld.

One user shared an interesting observation, stating that pals with only one ability may require some time to get comfortable with the base before they start functioning.

Another user suggested a more hands-on approach to resolving the issue by proposing a hard reset for pals.

Restart the Game

Often, technical issues in games can be resolved by a simple restart. Users experiencing problems with Anubis not working should try closing the game and relaunching it.

Reload a Save

If restarting the game does not yield positive results, players can consider reloading a previous save. This action may revert the game to a point where the Anubis was functioning correctly. It is essential to ensure that the save file chosen is not corrupted and does not exacerbate the issue.

Check for Updates

Game developers regularly release updates to address bugs and improve overall stability. Players should ensure that they are running the latest version of Palworld, as an outdated version might contain known issues that have already been patched in subsequent updates.

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