Fix Palworld Audio Bug


Fix Palworld Audio Bug

Palworld is a multiplayer, open-world survival crafting game where you can befriend and collect mysterious creatures called Pals. However, some players have reported a bug that causes the game audio to not work properly or at all. In this article, we will show you how to fix Palworld audio bug on PC, PS5, and Xbox.

How to Fix Palworld Audio Bug

There are several possible solutions that you can try to fix Palworld audio bug. Here are some of the most effective ones:

Update the Game

The first thing you should do is to check if there is any update available for Palworld. The developers have released a patch that fixes the audio bug for Xbox and Microsoft Store PC versions .

  • Go to the main menu of your console or PC and select Settings.
  • Go to System and select Updates.
  • Check if there is any update available for Palworld. If there is, your device will automatically download and install it for you.
  • Restart your device and launch Palworld.

Select the Proper Sound Output

Another thing you should do is to make sure that you have selected the correct sound output device for Palworld. Sometimes, the game might not recognize your speakers or headphones and use the wrong device.

  • Go to the lower right corner of your screen and find the speaker icon.
  • Right-click on the speaker icon and select Sounds.
  • Go to the Playback tab and check if your preferred device is set as the default device. If not, right-click on it and select Set as Default Device.
  • Click OK and launch Palworld.

Adjust the Sound Settings

A third thing you can do is to adjust the sound settings in Palworld. Sometimes, the game might have some sound options that are incompatible with your device or system.

  • Launch Palworld and go to the main menu.
  • Select Options and go to the Sound tab.
  • Try changing the sound quality, volume, or output mode and see if it makes any difference.
  • Save your changes and restart the game.

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