Fix Palworld Base Camp Worker Max Number Not Working


Fix Palworld Base Camp Worker Max Num Not Working

Palworld, with its captivating blend of creature taming, base building, and exploration, offers players an expansive virtual playground. However, the experience can be marred by technical glitches, and one particularly vexing issue is the BaseCampWorkerMaxNum not functioning as intended.

we’ll delve into the depths of this problem and explore potential solutions to get your Palworld base bustling with activity.

How to Fix Palworld Base Camp Worker Max Number Not Working

Palworld’s BaseCampWorkerMaxNum not working can be a perplexing issue, but fear not – there are practical steps you can take to address and resolve this problem.

Create a New World

The first step towards resolving the BaseCampWorkerMaxNum issue involves creating a new world in Palworld. This fresh start allows you to implement custom settings, including the crucial BaseCampWorkerMaxNum parameter, tailored to your desired preferences.

Configuring Custom Settings

Within the custom settings menu, pay meticulous attention to configuring every detail according to your preferences. The key focus here is on BaseCampWorkerMaxNum, the variable determining the maximum number of workers at your base camp. Adjust this parameter to your desired value for optimal gameplay.

Locating and Copying the Save File

To address the issue at its core, navigate to the directory where Palworld saves your game data. Locate the “WorldOption.sav” file, which encapsulates your customized world settings, including the problematic BaseCampWorkerMaxNum value. Copy this file as it will be modified to rectify the issue.

Editing the Save File

Open the “WorldOption.sav” file with a reliable text editor capable of handling binary files, such as Notepad++. Search for the BaseCampWorkerMaxNum parameter and modify the value to match your intended worker count.

Exercise caution, create a backup before making changes, and understand the risks associated with file manipulation.

The Cautionary Note

Before proceeding with any modifications, it is essential to exercise caution. Manipulating game files carries inherent risks, and any alterations should be made judiciously. Creating a backup of the original “WorldOption.sav” file ensures that, in case of unintended consequences, you can easily revert to the unaltered state.

Save, Load, and Test

After editing the BaseCampWorkerMaxNum value in the save file, save the changes and load Palworld with the modified save file. Test whether the BaseCampWorkerMaxNum parameter now functions as intended. If successful, your base camp should now be populated with the desired number of workers.

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