Fix Palworld Base Pals Stuck After Raid


Fix Palworld Base Pals Stuck After Raid

Palworld, the immersive game that combines the joys of creature companions and base building, has captivated players worldwide. However, like any complex gaming world, Palworld isn’t without its occasional glitches.

How to Fix Palworld Base Pals Stuck After Raid

One such issue that players may encounter is Pals getting stuck after a raid, leaving them in an aggroed state and unresponsive. Fear not, as we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you resolve this problem and get your Pals back to their usual working state.

Open the Palbox Management Menu

Place the stuck Pals back in the box. Move other Pals into your base slots and let them spawn. Open the Palbox again and replace the Pals with your bugged Pals. When they spawn this time, they should be fixed. If your Pals are stuck after a raid, accessing the Palbox Management Menu can be a game-changer. Start by placing the affected Pals back into the Palbox.

Next, swap in other Pals to occupy your base slots and allow them to spawn. Reopen the Palbox and substitute the bugged Pals back in. Upon their next spawn, the issue of being stuck in an aggroed state should be resolved, providing a simple yet effective solution to the problem.

Bring an Enemy Mob into Your Base Radius

Trigger a reset on the Raid/Attack Mode by bringing an enemy mob into your base radius. This will prompt your Pals to go back to work. Triggering a reset on the Raid/Attack Mode by introducing an enemy mob into your base radius is another viable solution. Locate an enemy mob outside your base and lure or lead them into your base’s proximity.

This action prompts a reset on the Raid/Attack Mode, encouraging your Pals to revert to their normal working state. It’s a dynamic solution that simulates a change in the environment and redirects your Pals’ focus.

Dismantle and Rebuild Your Palbox

Enter the Build menu and select Disassembly Mode. Walk up to your Palbox and break it down into resources. Rebuild the Palbox, and your Pals should still be there. This process is likely to fix the issue of them being stuck in an aggroed state. For persistent issues, consider a more drastic approach by dismantling and rebuilding your Palbox. Enter the Build menu, select Disassembly Mode, and break down your Palbox into resources.

Upon rebuilding, your Pals should still be present, and this process often rectifies the problem of Pals being stuck in an aggroed state. This method essentially provides a fresh start for your Palbox and its inhabitants.

Build an Alarm Bell

Construct an Alarm Bell using five Paldium Fragments and 20 Stones. Place it strategically within your base. The Alarm Bell changes the alert status of your Pals from attacking to working and vice versa. Using it should get them back to their usual state.

Introducing a structural solution, the Alarm Bell can be a key addition to your base. Built with five Palladium Fragments and 20 Stones, the Alarm Bell serves as a control mechanism. Strategically place the Alarm Bell within your base, and it will change the alert status of your Pals from attacking to working, or vice versa.

Utilizing the Alarm Bell often proves effective in redirecting your Pals’ attention and resolving lingering aggro issues, contributing to a more harmonious base.

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