Palworld Black Marketeer Npc Location

Lovekaran Singh

Palworld Black Marketeer Npc Location

Many people go into the wilds of Palworld to find rare and strong Pals. But if you want something even more special, there’s a mysterious person called the Black Marketeer. This secretive character has rare Pals that you can’t easily find.

However, dealing with this mysterious NPC is risky, so you need to be careful and know what you’re getting into.

Where To Find Black Marketeer

The person who sells things secretly is not easy to find for regular explorers. He lives deep inside an old mine, like a maze of tunnels to the west of the Desolate Church meeting point. To get to him, just do these things:

  1. Spawn at the Desolate Church waypoint.
  2. Head west and approach the cliff edge.
  3. Leap down the cliff, navigating the rocky overhang.
  4. Enter the Abandoned Mineshaft, following the trail of Pal Spheres.

A Bargain With Caveats

Once inside the mine, you’ll find the Black Marketeer, his shadowed form shrouded in secrecy. He offers a unique selection of Pals, often rarer and more powerful than those found in the wild.

However, remember that dealing with a black market carries inherent risks.

  • The “contraband” label attached to his Pals raises ethical concerns. Consider if you’re comfortable engaging in such transactions.
  • The Black Marketeer charges significantly more than conventional vendors. Are these rare Pals worth the exorbitant price tag?
  • Engaging in the black market could potentially attract unwanted attention from the authorities. Are you prepared for the consequences?

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to seek out the Black Marketeer rests with you. Weigh the potential benefits against the significant risks and choose the path that aligns with your playstyle and your moral compass.

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