Fix palworld capture power bug

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Fix palworld capture power bug

Palworld players have recently encountered a significant bug related to Lifmunk effigies, an integral element of the game’s capture mechanics. Highlighting that rather than enhancing capture rates as intended, Lifmunk effigies may reduce. Addressing this bug is paramount to ensuring the game’s integrity and player enjoyment.

How to Fix Palworld Capture Power Bug

Here are some solutions By Reddit to Solve this Issue.

Capture Power Reduction with Memory Reset Drug

An item within Palworld known as the “Memory Reset Drug” offers players the ability to reset their character’s status. However, an unintended consequence of using this drug is a reduction in capture power if the player has already upgraded it. What exacerbates the issue is that there is currently no mechanism in place to revert to the original capture power once it has been diminished.

Other Known Bugs: Additional Challenges and Resolutions

While the capture power bug is a primary concern, there are several other bugs and issues within Palworld that warrant attention:

Pal Theft Prevention

In earlier versions of the game, there was a vulnerability wherein pals could be stolen by others if their HP fell below 30% and the player possessed a pal sphere. This issue has been rectified in Patch v., alleviating concerns regarding unauthorized pal acquisition.

Save-Melting Bug

Another notable issue pertained to saving game progress, with saving failing if the total number of captured objects exceeded 7000. The development team is diligently working on a permanent solution to address this inconvenience and ensure smooth gameplay experiences for all players.

Respec System Fix

The respec system, facilitated by the use of memory reset drugs, previously resulted in the loss of hard-earned pal capture bonuses. This oversight has been acknowledged and rectified by the development team, providing players with a more equitable and rewarding gameplay experience.

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