Fix Palworld Disk Write Error

Lovekaran Singh

Fix Palworld Disk Write Error

Are you playing Palworld and seeing a “Disk Write Error”? Don’t worry! It happens a lot, but you can fix it with the right tools and go back to making friends with cool creatures.

How To Fix Disk Write Error In Palworld

The reason for the problem might be hiding in your antivirus software, like Avast or AVG. These programs may think that Palworld’s main file (palworld-win64-shipping.exe) is bad and keep it in a special place called quarantine. When this happens, the game can’t use its own instructions, and that’s what causes the error.

To fix this, you’ll need to liberate your quarantined file. Here’s how:

  1. Open your antivirus software. Head to the quarantine section (usually called “Virus Chest” or “Threat Vault”).
  2. Find the exiled file. Look for “palworld-win64-shipping.exe”.
  3. Free the friend! Choose the option to “Release from quarantine” or “Restore”.
  4. Build a sanctuary. Add the file to your antivirus whitelist to prevent future misunderstandings.

If the error persists, try these advanced tactics:

Uninstall and Reinstall: Sometimes a fresh start can do wonders. Just remember to delete the old Palworld folder before reinstalling!

Verify File Integrity: The Xbox app on PC can check your Palworld files for corruption. Go to “My Games & Apps,” find Palworld, click “Manage game,” and choose “Verify game files.”

If you’re not using Xbox app, consider temporarily disabling your antivirus while launching Palworld. Just remember to re-enable it afterwards for safety!

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