Fix Palworld Guild Bug


Fix palworld guild bug

Palworld, a captivating gaming world filled with unique challenges and adventures, has gained immense popularity among players. However, like any digital realm, it is not immune to bugs and glitches that can hinder the gaming experience.

One particularly troublesome issue that players may encounter is the Palworld Guild Bug. we will explore an effective method to resolve this bug, ensuring a smoother gaming experience for all enthusiasts.

How to Fix Palworld Guild Bug

The Palworld Guild Bug, though disruptive, can be effectively addressed by following a systematic process. To begin, download your previous world files, specifically the ‘Level.sav’ and ‘LevelMeta.sav,’ as a precautionary measure.

This serves as a backup to safeguard your progress and character data, ensuring that any subsequent fixes won’t result in irreversible changes that may exacerbate the issue.

Download and Backup

To begin the process of fixing the Palworld Guild Bug, the first crucial step is to download your previous world files, namely the ‘Level.sav’ and ‘LevelMeta.sav.’ These files serve as a backup, ensuring the preservation of your progress and character data.

It is imperative to create a backup before attempting any fixes to avoid irreversible changes that may further complicate the issue.

Conversion to JSON

After securing your backup files, the next step involves converting the ‘LevelMeta.sav’ file to a JSON format. This conversion is facilitated by using a Rust library specifically designed for reading and writing Unreal Engine save files.

Converting the file to JSON enhances visibility into corrupted data, making it easier to identify and address the issues related to the Guild Bug.

Identification of Player ID

Within the ‘Level.sav.json’ file from the backup, locate your unique player ID associated with the corrupted player. This ID is crucial for isolating and addressing the specific player data affected by the Guild Bug.

Carefully copy the entirety of your player data associated with the identified ID, preparing it for integration into the current JSON file.

Integration into Current JSON

Paste the copied player data into the current ‘Level.sav.json,’ which contains the latest information about your Palworld progress. This step aims to replace the corrupted data with intact data from the backup, effectively eliminating the issues caused by the Guild Bug.

Ensure that the integration is meticulous and accurate to avoid any inadvertent complications.

File Saving and Conversion

After successfully integrating the corrected player data, save the modified ‘Level.sav.json’ file. Subsequently, convert the file back to its original ‘.sav’ format using the provided batch file, as outlined in the guide. This step ensures that your modifications are implemented correctly and prepares the file for uploading to the Palworld server.

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