Palworld – Hackers Arrived in the Game


Palworld - Hackers Arrived in the Game

Palworld, the much-anticipated game that combined elements of creature collecting and base building, has recently fallen victim to a wave of hackers, leaving players frustrated and disillusioned. Reports are pouring in from users who have encountered malicious players exploiting vulnerabilities in the game’s security, wreaking havoc on official servers.

Palworld Hackers

One particular incident on server 0121 has raised alarm bells, shedding light on the extent of the damage these hackers can inflict.

On a fateful night, between 10 pm and 11 pm EST, a hacker infiltrated server 0121 with the username “mr bean.” The hacker managed to force his way onto the already full server, pushing the player count beyond its limits to 33/32. What followed was a spree of disruptive activities that left players shell-shocked.

Mr. Bean went on a rampage, spawning items and distributing them to unsuspecting players. However, his actions took a sinister turn when he began infiltrating guilds, forcefully making himself the guild master and subsequently demolishing everything built by the guild members. Players found themselves helpless as their hard work crumbled before their eyes, prompting drastic measures just to salvage their belongings.

In the wake of this unprecedented attack, players were left with no choice but to hastily gather their items from the remains of their bases, fast-travel away, disband their guilds, and hoard everything in their personal inventories, hoping for a solution from the game developers. The hacker’s ability to destroy hours of progress with a few clicks left the affected players in a state of disbelief and frustration.

The users posted this in the Steam Community and it’s breaking the Palworld’s Community.

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