Fix palworld lifmunk effigy bug

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Fix palworld lifmunk effigy bug

Palworld, the popular game known for its captivating gameplay and collectible elements, has recently encountered a troublesome bug related to Lifmunk Effigys. These glowing green collectible trophies, scattered throughout the game world, are meant to enhance a player’s capture rate when used at the Statue of Power.

However, a bug has been discovered that suggests the leveling-up mechanic of these Effigys might have the opposite effect, reducing the capture rate instead of boosting it. This means that players with more powerful, maxed-out level Lifmunk Effigys could unintentionally hinder their ability to capture Pals effectively.

How to Fix Palworld Lifmunk Effigy Bug: Solutions and Workarounds

Here are Some Solutions From Reddit and Steam Community to Solve this issue.

Uncovering the Discrepancy

To understand the extent of this bug, a player named Chalenor experimented. They caught 100 different Pals using maxed-out Lifmunk Effigys and then repeated the process in the same area without any upgrades.

The results were startling: the run with maxed-out Effigys yielded an overall capture rate of 37%, whereas the non-leveled Effigys resulted in a significantly higher capture rate of 53%. While the sample size may not have been extensive, the stark contrast in capture rates between the two scenarios indicates a notable discrepancy.

Identifying the Issue

One of the challenges posed by this bug is its lack of visual indicators. Unlike some glitches that manifest visibly within the game, such as graphical errors or animation glitches, the Lifmunk Effigy bug remains inconspicuous. The percentages displayed on the screen fail to accurately reflect the underlying issue, leaving players perplexed as to why their capture rates are not improving as expected.

Addressing the Bug

Memory Wiping Machine

Before the most recent patch was released on February 1, players discovered a temporary workaround to mitigate the effects of the Lifmunk Effigy bug. By utilizing the Memory Wiping Machine, players could reset their Effigys, effectively undoing the leveling-up process and potentially restoring their capture rates to their intended levels.

Hold On

For players who have not yet encountered the Lifmunk Effigy bug or have yet to use their Effigys, exercising caution and patience may be the best course of action. Instead of immediately utilizing Effigys to enhance capture rates, it may be prudent to hold onto them until a permanent fix for the bug is implemented.

This approach is particularly advisable for new players who may be eager to capture legendary Pals.

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