Fix Palworld Multiple Base Pals Not Working


Fix Palworld Multiple Base Pals Not Working

Palworld, a captivating universe filled with adorable Pals eager to assist you in your endeavors, may sometimes present challenges, especially when it comes to managing multiple base Pals. Players have reported issues ranging from frozen Pals upon teleportation to peculiar behaviors such as breakdancing when hungry.

we explore various solutions gathered from user experiences to address the conundrum of multiple base Pals not working as expected.

How To Fix Palworld Multiple Base Pals Not Working

Palworld, the enchanting game that introduces players to adorable Pals and expansive landscapes, may occasionally present challenges, leaving players perplexed by the behavior of their base Pals.

If you’ve encountered issues such as frozen Pals after teleportation or unresponsiveness, fear not – we have compiled to help you navigate these challenges and bring your Pals back to their lively and cooperative selves.

Teleportation Pause

  • Expect a momentary freeze upon teleporting to or from the base.
  • Consider choosing a base location on flat terrain to minimize potential incline-related issues.

Manual Ore Collection

  • If the issue persists, take charge of ore collection yourself until a fix is implemented.
  • Establish bases on flat terrain to allow Pals to operate seamlessly.

Palbox Management Strategies

  • Reposition Stuck Pals:
    • Open the Palbox Management Menu.
    • Place unresponsive Pals back in the box.
    • Move other Pals into base slots and let them spawn.
    • Reopen the Palbox and reintroduce the initially stuck Pals.
  • Dismantle and Reassemble:
    • If issues persist, dismantle your Palbox.
    • Put it back down to potentially reset Pal behavior.
  • Utilize the Alarm Bell:
    • Constructing an Alarm Bell has proven successful for some players.
    • This structure can alter the alert status of Pals, potentially resolving unresponsiveness.

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