Palworld Not Responding: 10 Ways to Fix


palworld not responding

Palworld, an expansive and immersive gaming experience, has captured the attention of players worldwide. However, like any complex software, it is not immune to technical hiccups. One common issue reported by players is the Palworld not responding to problem error.

How to Fix Palworld Not Responding Error

Here are some various solutions suggested by both the game’s developers and the Palworld community on Reddit to help you navigate and resolve this frustrating issue.

Wait for 10 Minutes

If you encounter a black screen after launching Palworld, be patient and wait for 10 minutes. The developers, Pocketpair, have acknowledged this issue and recommended waiting as a temporary solution while they investigate.

Disable Fullscreen Optimizations and Run as Administrator

Adjust settings on Steam by right-clicking on “Palworld’s launcher” (.exe file), navigating to “Properties,” and checking both “Disable fullscreen optimizations” and “Run as administrator.” This aims to address potential permission and optimization issues.

Restart the PC

A simple restart can often resolve various software glitches.

Check System Requirements

Ensure your hardware and software meet Palworld’s minimum system requirements.

Run Palworld as an Administrator

Grant elevated privileges to resolve potential permission issues.

Update Palworld

Ensure you have the latest game version installed, as updates may include bug fixes and optimizations.

Verify and Repair Game Files

Use platform-specific tools, like Steam, to verify and repair any potentially corrupted game files.

Turn Off Steam Overlay

Disable the Steam overlay to avoid potential interference with game performance.

Perform a Clean Boot

Identify and resolve software conflicts by performing a clean boot, minimizing background processes.

Update DirectX and VCRedist

Ensure essential components like DirectX and VCRedist are up to date for optimal game performance.

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