Fix Palworld Pal Task Interrupting Bug


Fix Palworld Pal Task Interrupting Bug

Palworld is a multiplayer, open-world survival crafting game where you can befriend and collect mysterious creatures called Pals. However, some players have reported a bug that causes their Pals to stop working at the base and interrupt their tasks.

How to Fix Palworld Pal Task Interrupting Bug

There are several possible solutions that you can try to fix Palworld Pal Task Interrupting Bug. Here are some of the most effective ones:

Pick Up and Throw Pals Back to the Base

The simplest solution is to pick up and throw Pals back to the base and see if they resume working. To do this, you need to approach the Pal and press F to pick it up. Then, aim at the base and press F again to throw it. You should see a green message saying that the Pal is assigned to the base. Check if the Pal starts working and completing its tasks.

Remove and Reassign Pals to the Base

Another solution is to remove and reassign Pals to the base using the Pal management menu. To do this, you need to press Tab to open the menu and select the Pal tab. Then, find the Pal in your team and click on the Remove button. Next, click on the Add button and select the Pal from the list of available Pals. Finally, click on the Assign button and choose the base as the facility.

 Change the Task or Skill of the Pal

A third solution is to change the task or skill of the Pal and see if it affects its behavior. Some players have reported that the task or skill of the Pal can influence its working ability, and that changing it to a different one can fix the bug . To do this, you need to interact with the Pal and select the option to Change Task or Change Skill. 

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