Fix Palworld Palbox Overlaps With Other Objects Issue


Fix Palworld Palbox Overlaps With Other Objects Issue

Palworld, an enchanting game that combines creativity and strategy, has captivated players with its unique features and gameplay mechanics. However, some players have encountered a frustrating issue with Palboxes overlapping with other objects in the game.

How to Fix Palworld Palbox Overlaps With Other Objects Issue

Palworld, a game that seamlessly blends creativity, strategy, and the companionship of Pals, has captivated a diverse community of players. However, like any complex virtual world, Palworld is not without its quirks and challenges. One recurring issue that has been reported by players is the Palbox Overlapping With Other Objects problem.

we will explore various solutions and workarounds to address this issue, ensuring a smoother gameplay experience for Palworld enthusiasts.

Log off and Log in Again

For some players, a simple yet effective solution to the Palbox overlap problem is to log off from the game and then log back in. This straightforward action has been reported to resolve the issue for certain players. If you find your Palbox overlapping with other objects, try logging out of Palworld, wait for a moment, and then log back in to see if the problem persists.

Rotate the Palbox

Another workaround involves rotating the Palbox until the area box no longer includes your character. By adjusting the orientation of the Palbox, you may find a placement angle that prevents overlap with other objects. This method requires some experimentation, but players have reported success in resolving the issue by simply rotating the Palbox until it no longer interferes with the surroundings.

Place it Far from Walls

Some players have discovered that placing the Palbox far from any walls can resolve the overlapping issue. The Palbox must be situated in a location where it has sufficient space to function without conflicting with the game environment. Experiment with different placement distances from walls to find a spot where the Palbox can be deployed without overlapping with other objects.

Place it on the Ground, Not a Foundation

It’s crucial to ensure that the Palbox is placed directly on the ground, not on a foundation. The Palbox is designed to release your Pals, and having it indoors on a foundation when summoning a larger Pal that cannot fit inside your structure may lead to unexpected issues or crashes. To prevent overlap problems, always deploy the Palbox on an open and flat surface.

Don’t Block the Way

When assigning a Pal to work in your base, they typically appear within the vicinity around the Palbox. To avoid overlap issues, ensure that you don’t block the way around the Palbox. Clear the surrounding area to provide ample space for Pals to move freely without encountering obstacles.

Don’t Put it in a House

A key consideration is to avoid placing the Palbox inside a house. The game mechanics may not support having objects too close to the Palbox, leading to potential overlap problems. To prevent issues, keep the Palbox outside, allowing it to function without interference from nearby structures.

Restart the Game

As a general troubleshooting step, restarting the game can resolve temporary glitches. If you encounter the Palbox overlapping issue, a simple refresh by restarting the game might be all it takes to restore normal functionality.

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