Fix Palworld Pals Hungry Bug


How to Fix Palworld Pals Hungry Bug

Palworld, the captivating world of creature-collecting and adventure, has gained immense popularity since its release. However, like any complex game, players may encounter bugs and issues that can affect their gameplay experience. One such issue that has been reported by players is the “Pals hungry bug,” where the Pals in your base exhibit signs of hunger. In this guide, we’ll explore various solutions gathered from reputable sources to help you address and fix the Palworld Pals hungry bug.

How to Fix Palworld Pals Hungry Glitch

Before diving into the solutions, let’s briefly understand the nature of the Pals hungry bug. Players have reported instances where their Pals in the base exhibit signs of hunger, impacting their overall well-being in the game. This issue can disrupt the gameplay experience, affecting the efficiency of your Pals in various in-game activities.

Remove Pals from the Base Slot

According to a recent article by GINX TV, one solution to the Pals hungry bug is to remove the affected Pals from the base slot via your Palbox and then re-add them. This process may reset their hunger status and alleviate the issue. Follow these steps:

  • Access your Palbox.
  • Remove the affected Pals from the base slot.
  • Re-add the Pals to the base slot.

This simple maneuver might resolve the hunger bug and allow your Pals to function normally.

Lead Pals to a Feed Box

PC Invasion suggests an alternative solution to the Pals hungry bug by leading the affected Pals to a feed box. This method involves guiding the Pals to a designated feed box to address their hunger needs. Follow these steps:

  • Locate a feed box in your base.
  • Lead the hungry Pals to the feed box.
  • Allow the Pals to access the feed box and consume food.

This solution leverages the in-game mechanics related to feeding, potentially resolving the hunger bug.

Pick Up and Throw Pals

If the above solutions do not yield results, you can try picking up the affected Pals and throwing them down in an open space at your base. This action allows the Pals to move freely again, and it might reset their hunger status. Follow these steps:

  • Pick up the affected Pals.
  • Throw them down in an open space at your base.
  • Observe their behavior to check if the hunger bug is resolved.

This method introduces a change in the Pals’ environment, potentially triggering a reset of their hunger state.

Replace Bugged Pals After Raid

In cases where base Pals are stuck after a raid, a user suggests a multi-step solution to address the issue:

  • Place the stuck Pals back in the Palbox.
  • Move other Pals into your base slots and let them spawn.
  • Replace the Pals with your bugged Pals.

This sequence of actions aims to reset the positions and states of the affected Pals, potentially resolving the hunger bug.

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