Palworld SECDRV.SYS Critical Windows Error


Fix Palworld SECDRV.SYS Critical Windows Error

Palworld users have reported that they encounter an SECDRV.SYS critical windows error when trying to play the game on Steam. This error means that the game cannot launch properly or crashes unexpectedly, ruining the fun and excitement.

How to Fix Palworld SECDRV.SYS Critical Windows Error

Facing the SECDRV.SYS error in Palworld? Try these steps:

1. Update & Repair:

  • Start by updating Palworld through Steam. This often addresses bugs and ensures compatibility.
  • If the error persists, right-click Palworld in Steam, go to “Properties” > “Local Files” and click “Verify Integrity of Game Files.” This repairs any corrupted files.

2. Reset or Adjust Settings:

  • Launch Palworld and access the Options menu. Locate settings related to graphics, controls, or gameplay.
  • Try resetting them to defaults or experimenting with different values. Incompatible settings can sometimes trigger the error.

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