Fix palworld teleportation bug

Jatin Chhabra

Fix palworld teleportation bug

Palworld, with its unique blend of creature capturing and base management, offers an engaging gaming experience. However, like any game, it’s not without its bugs. One particularly pesky issue that players may encounter is the teleportation bug, which involves Pals wandering outside base walls and getting stuck

How to Fix Palworld Teleporting Pals Outside Base Walls

Here are some steps by the Steam Community that will help you to Solve this Issue.

Teleporting Pals Outside Base Walls

The teleportation bug occurs when you’re away from your base, and Pals operate without being rendered. This means they won’t check for pathfinding or walls when the base isn’t visible. If a Pal wanders outside the walls while you’re away, it might get stuck upon your return, having not walked back from its unintended clipping spree.

Teleport Away and Return

  • To kickstart the resolution process, teleport away from your base using any available teleportation mechanism in the game.
  • After teleporting, return to your base. This action helps reset the Pal’s position and triggers the rendering process, allowing the Pal to recognize the base walls.

Reassign Pals Using Palbox

  • Access the Palbox or any other interface available in the game that allows you to manage your Pals.
  • Identify the Pals that have wandered outside the base walls and are stuck.
  • Remove these Pals from their current assignments and reassign them to a task within the base, such as cutting trees. This action resets their pathfinding and should prevent further teleportation issues.

By following these steps, you can address the teleportation bug and ensure that your Pals remain within the designated boundaries of your base.

Avoid Throwing Pal Spheres from Elevated Positions

  • Refrain from throwing Pal Spheres from elevated positions, especially if you are standing on top of them. This minimizes the chances of triggering the exploit.
Capture Pals Carefully
  • When capturing Pals using Pal Spheres, be mindful of your position and avoid standing on top of Pal Spheres during the capturing process.

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