Palworld’s All Tower Bosses Location


Palworld's All Tower Bosses Location

Palworld, the captivating open-world game that seamlessly blends creature collecting and base building, has become a sensation in the gaming community. One of the game’s most challenging aspects is facing the Tower Bosses scattered across its diverse regions.

Palworld’s Tower Bosses Location

Here the locations of all tower bosses delve into their weaknesses to help you emerge victorious in your quest to conquer Palworld.

Zoe and Grizzbolt

Our journey begins in the lush forest near the starting area of Palworld. Zoe and her trusty companion Grizzbolt await challengers at coordinates 113, -4311. Grizzbolt, a Level 10 behemoth, is particularly vulnerable to Ground Element Pals.

Lily and Lyleen

Venture northeast towards the center of the map to confront Lily and Lyleen, reigning over the snowy forest region at coordinates 181, 291. Lyleen, standing at Level 25, presents a formidable challenge, especially for those lacking Fire Element Pals.

Axel and Orserk

The fiery depths of the volcanic region in the southwest harbor Axel and his formidable companion, Orserk. Positioned at coordinates -587, -5171, Axel’s Level 40 Orserk is susceptible to attacks from Ice or Ground Element Pals.

Marcus and Faleris

The desolate desert region near the northeastern edge of the map is home to Marcus and his imposing companion, Faleris. Located at coordinates 556, 3361, Marcus’ Level 45 Faleris poses a significant threat, especially to those lacking Water Element Pals.

Victor and Shadowbeak

Our journey concludes in the snowy mountain region near the northwestern edge of the map, where Victor and his formidable Shadowbeak await challengers. Positioned at coordinates -146, 4481, Victor’s Level 50 Shadowbeak proves vulnerable to the might of Dragon Element Pals.

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