Persona 3 Reload Crashing, Not Launching And Freezing Issue


Fix Persona 3 Reload Crashing, Not Launching And Freezing Issue

Persona 3 Reload, an iconic game beloved by many, can unfortunately present players with technical challenges such as crashing, not launching, and freezing issues. If you find yourself grappling with these problems, fear not – there are several potential solutions you can explore to get the game running smoothly again.

We have gathered potential solutions from Reddit and Steam Community to fix the crashing and game not launching issue in Persona 3 Reload.

How To Fix Persona 3 Reload Crashing Issue

To resolve Persona 3 Reload crashing, not launching, and freezing issues, consider reinstalling the game, as some users have reported success with this method. Trying the game on a different device may also provide a temporary workaround.

For Steam users, verifying the integrity of local files through the Steam library can help address potential file corruption. Additionally, uninstalling and reinstalling the game, performing a Data Install, or exploring cloud gaming on an alternate device are alternatives worth exploring.

Reinstall the Game

One common solution that has worked for some users is reinstalling Persona 3 Reload. A fresh installation might resolve the underlying issues if you are experiencing crashes, freezing, or the game refusing to launch.

Deleting the game and then downloading it again from the source could potentially eliminate corrupted files or solve compatibility problems that might be causing the glitches.

Try on a Different Device

If the game consistently crashes at a specific point or refuses to launch on your current device, consider trying to play it on a different one. Some users have reported success in switching to an alternative device.

Data Install

In a Reddit thread addressing Persona 3 Portable issues, another user suggested revisiting the main menu screen in the game and performing a Data Install. This process involves reinstalling or optimizing game data to ensure smooth performance.

If crashes or freezing occur during specific sequences, a fresh Data Install might address the problem and enhance overall stability.

Use a Different Device for Cloud Gaming

One creative solution mentioned by a user involved playing through a problematic cutscene via cloud gaming on a spare laptop. This approach leverages the power of alternative devices and online streaming services to bypass potential hardware or compatibility issues on your primary gaming system.

While not a permanent fix, using cloud gaming could offer a workaround for certain situations.

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