Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown The Abducted Prince Guide


Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown The Abducted Prince Guide

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown has captivated players with its mythical world and gripping narrative. The quest for Prince Ghassan in the main storyline, “The Abducted Prince,” unfolds into a challenging and intriguing adventure.

we will delve into the intricacies of this pivotal quest, offering a detailed walkthrough, essential tips, and tricks to ensure you navigate the game with confidence.

Prince Of Persia The Lost Crown The Abducted Prince

Following the defeat of the formidable manticore, Jahandar, Sargon gains access to a newfound power—the Rush of the Simurgh. This ability allows for mid-air dashes, opening up new possibilities in the game’s platforming mechanics.

Venture into the Haven, where Artaban awaits, providing valuable information and the opportunity to purchase Talisman upgrades from Kaheva. Use this time to familiarize yourself with the Rush of the Simurgh through training with Artaban.

The Depths – Navigating the Challenges Below

Before pursuing Prince Ghassan, consider exploring the treacherous Depths—an optional area with enticing rewards and potential dangers. Uncover treasures, Xerxes Coins, and Sand Jars, but beware of poison pits and formidable enemies.

Equipping the Horned Viper Amulet becomes essential for survival in this perilous environment. Encounter Radjen, an Immortal who hints at the danger that lies ahead. While challenging, The Depths presents an opportunity to enhance your skills and gather valuable resources.


  1. Sacred Archies:
    • Utilize the Rush of the Simurgh to traverse gaps and reach new heights.
    • Experiment with dashing between wall jumps for seamless platforming.
  2. Upper City West:
    • Explore Upper City West with newfound abilities.
    • Engage in combat training with Artaban, honing your skills with the Rush of the Simurgh.

Combat Strategies

  • Sneak Attack: Always aim to deal with sneak attack damage when engaging opponents. Exploit the element of surprise to gain an upper hand.
  • Primary Weapon: Utilize crossbows as your primary weapon for effective ranged combat.
  • Feats: Acquire the Sharpshooter feat and the Risky ring to enhance damage output and navigate dangerous situations.

Character Development

  • Attributes: Focus on Dexterity and Wisdom to optimize your character for both ranged combat and spellcasting.
  • Skills: Prioritize Stealth, Perception, and Survival skills to navigate the game world and evade potential dangers.
  • Multiclassing: Level up your Ranger class for extra attacks and spells. Simultaneously, invest in your Rogue class for bonus actions and increased sneak attack damage.

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