Fix Ready or Not Optiwand Not Working

Lovekaran Singh

Fix Ready or Not Optiwand Not Working

The Optiwand, a tactical tool in Ready or Not, lets you peek through doors, granting a crucial advantage in planning your approach. But what if your Optiwand isn’t working as expected? Don’t fret, fellow SWAT operator! This guide is here to troubleshoot and get you back to seeing through walls like a pro.

How to Fix Ready or Not Optiwand Not Working

Here are Several Solutions for a Smooth Optiwand Experience;

1. Double-Check the Door

  • Is it definitely wood? Don’t be fooled by cleverly disguised metal doors.
  • Is it partially open? The Optiwand works best on closed or slightly ajar doors.

2. Loadout Check

  • Did you equip the Optiwand before heading out? Check your loadout again, just in case.
  • Are you playing as LSPD? They have a different loadout system, so double-check the Optiwand’s placement.

3. Eye Control

  • Aim your crosshair at the bottom of the door, not the handle or the lock.
  • Make sure you’re standing close enough to the door for the Optiwand to work its magic.

4. Key Bind Check

  • Open your settings and navigate to the controls section.
  • Find the “Interact” key and ensure it’s set to a key you can comfortably press during gameplay.

If you’re still struggling, consider consulting online resources like forums, wikis, and gameplay videos. Seeing the Optiwand in action can clarify any lingering doubts.

With a little understanding and some troubleshooting, your Optiwand will be back in tip-top shape, letting you dominate the tactical landscape like a seasoned SWAT pro.

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