Ready Or Not Postal Service Map Guide


Ready Or Not Postal Service Map Guide

The map of the Postal Service in Ready or Not is like a tricky maze with lots of machines and chutes for sorting mail. It’s full of challenges, and you might encounter danger.

This guide will help you understand it and come out successful.

Postal Service Map Ready Or Not

Here are several tips to do well on this tricky map

Los Sueños Postal Service

The Battleground is a sprawling facility seized by the nefarious Los Locos Del Pacifico.

Their firepower is moderate, lacking body armor, but their cunning and familiarity with the terrain make them formidable foes.

Processing Center vs. Conveyor Belt

The map divides into two main areas. The processing center, a claustrophobic maze of machinery, is the heart of the mission.

Once cleared, the conveyor belt area with its open spaces becomes a mop-up operation.

Objectives in the Mailroom

Your first task is to follow a macabre trail, reporting the body it leads to.

Then, uncover the illegal weapon delivery and Freeman’s nefarious crowbar, both hidden in the truck parking on the opposite side of the map.

Tactical Tips

  • Outer Perimeter First: Before diving into the processing center’s chaos, secure the outer perimeter. This eliminates flanking threats and provides a safe staging ground.
  • Wedge Your Way Through: Door wedges are your allies. They control enemy movement, allowing for tactical breaching and flanking maneuvers.
  • Chemical Warfare: Don’t be afraid to unleash the fury of tear gas. It flushes out suspects and creates opportunities for controlled engagement.
  • AI Squadmates on Point: In the conveyor belt area, let your AI squadmates take the lead. Their target acquisition matches the enemy AI, making them surprisingly effective scouts.
  • Grenade Power: Remember, grenades are your friends, especially when dealing with the FSIA Agent you need to capture alive. A well-placed grenade can stun or weaken them for a smooth apprehension.

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