Fix Granblure Fantasy Relink Can’t Play With Players From Different Regions

Lovekaran Singh

Fix Granblure Fantasy Relink Can't Play With Players From Different Regions

Granblue Fantasy Relink’s thrilling action RPG gameplay extends to a vibrant online mode, but regional restrictions can leave international friends stranded on opposite sides of the server wall. Fear not, fellow skyfarers! This guide explores potential solutions to overcome this hurdle and connect with your crew across borders.

Firstly, know that regional restrictions are intentional. Cygames aims to maintain optimal server performance by matching players within their designated regions. This prevents lag and ensures a smooth experience for everyone. However, it does create barriers for players with international friends.

The Steam Solution (For PC Players Only)

If you’re playing on Steam, a workaround exists! Here’s how to change your download region and potentially join your friends:

  1. Open Steam: Launch the Steam application.
  2. Access Settings: Click on “Steam” in the top left corner and select “Settings.”
  3. Navigate to Downloads: In the Settings window, find the “Downloads” tab.
  4. Choose Your Region: Under “Download Region,” select the region closest to your friends’ location.
  5. Restart Steam: Close the Settings window and restart Steam for the changes to take effect.

While regional restrictions pose a current obstacle, the desire for seamless cross-region play is undeniable. Cygames may consider adjustments in the future, potentially offering server options or implementing matchmaking improvements to bridge the geographical gap.

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