Remnant 2 Music Puzzle Guide



The Music Harp puzzle is one of the most challenging puzzles in Remnant 2. It requires players to know how to read musical notes, and even then, it can be tricky to figure out the solution.

To solve the puzzle, you will need to use the journal that is found in the room next to the checkpoint crystal. The journal contains a series of symbols that represent the notes that you need to play on the harp.

Before diving into the puzzle, it’s important to understand the musical notation used in the game. The notebook found next to the checkpoint crystal provides hints in the form of musical notes.

Each symbol represents a note on the Harp, and the presence or absence of a horizontal line indicates whether the note should be held or interrupted by the following note.

How to Solve Remnant 2 Music Puzzle

To solve the Music Harp puzzle, follow these steps:

  1. Examine the notebook: Take a close look at the notebook and familiarize yourself with the musical notes and symbols. If you are not familiar with reading music, you may need to refer to external resources to understand the notation.
  2. Raise the correct pegs: Approach the Music Harp and raise the pegs according to the solution. Each column corresponds to a specific peg, numbered from top to bottom. Raise the pegs as follows:
    • Column 1: Raise Peg #7
    • Column 2: Do not raise any pegs
    • Column 3: Raise Peg #5
    • Column 4: Raise Peg #3 and Peg #6
    • Column 5: Raise Peg #1
  3. Enter the symbols: Proceed to the nearby music box and enter the symbols found in the journal. The symbols are in the order you should input them into the box, with dashes indicating that nothing should be selected for that line. Note that you need to pull a lever located near the journal before entering the symbols.
  4. Pull the lever: After entering the symbols, head to the doors near the journal and find the lever. Pull the lever to activate the mechanism required to play the music.
  5. Return to the music box: Go back to the music box and observe that each row is represented by a symbol in the journal. Skip the rows without symbols (rows 2, 4, and 8). To the left of the box, you’ll find another lever. Pull it to initiate the music playback.

Once the music ends, a bridge will drop, allowing you to access a nearby room. In this room, you’ll encounter the Corrupted Ravager and continue your journey.

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