Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader: Abelard Build Guide


Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader Abelard Build Guide

In the far-off future, the Rogue Trader game takes you to a crazy and dangerous space world called Warhammer 40,000. Along the way, you meet different characters, and one of them is Abelard, a strong warrior and a buddy. To make him super powerful, it’s important to plan how he grows.

Here’s a guide to help you make Abelard awesome from level 1 to 16, so he can be really strong at the beginning of the game.

Rogue Trader Abelard Build

Here’s a breakdown of key features to unlock for Abelard as you level him up:

Level 2-4: Establishing the Foundation

  1. Charge (Ability): Unlock this ability at level 2 to enhance Abelard’s offensive capabilities and engage enemies more effectively.
  2. Athletics (Skill): Prioritize Athletics at level 3 to improve Abelard’s nimbleness in combat, enhancing his overall combat effectiveness.
  3. Endure (Ability): Acquire Endure at level 4 to boost Abelard’s endurance, allowing him to withstand the rigors of battle for longer durations.

Level 5-9: Strengthening the Arsenal

  1. Ultimate: Daring Breach (Ability): Unlock at level 5 for a powerful offensive ability, essential for dealing with tougher enemies.
  2. Thick Skin (Skill): Invest in Thick Skin at level 5 to increase damage deflection and parry chances, fortifying Abelard’s defenses.
  3. Hardened Scars (Talent) and Toughness (Characteristic): Acquire at level 6 to further increase Abelard’s survivability by enhancing his resilience and damage potential.
  4. Sworn Enemy (Ability) and Combat Master (Skill): Unlock at level 7 and 8 respectively to amplify Abelard’s combat prowess.
  5. Invigorating Hatred (Talent) and Carouse (Skills): Acquire at level 9 to provide Abelard with additional resistance against negative effects and expanded dialogue options.

Level 10-16: Mastering the Battlefield

  1. Ultimate: Daring Breach 3 (Ability): Upgrade at level 10 for an even more potent version of the Daring Breach ability.
  2. Epicentre of Slaughter (Ability) and Weapon Skill (Characteristic): Unlock at level 11 to enhance Abelard’s offensive capabilities and overall combat proficiency.
  3. Taunting Scream (Ability) and Grenadier (Talent): Acquire at level 12 for crowd control and increased versatility in combat situations.
  4. Carouse (Skill), Strength (Characteristic), and Heavy Armor Proficiency (Talent): Obtain at levels 13, 13, and 14 respectively to improve Abelard’s resistance, damage potential, and survivability.
  5. It Will Not Die (Talent) and Weapon Skill (Characteristic): Unlock at level 15 to further boost Abelard’s resilience and combat effectiveness.
  6. Daring Breach 1 (Ability): Upgrade at level 16 to keep his offensive capabilities at their peak.

Tips for Building Abelard

  • Weapon Skill: Directly increases Abelard’s combat proficiency and ability to parry, making him a master duelist and defensive powerhouse.
  • Strength: Unlocks Abelard’s full potential for damage, turning every blow into a potential bone-crunching strike.
  • Toughness: The cornerstone of Abelard’s survivability, allowing him to shrug off blows and remain the anchor of your party.
  • Athletics: Enhances Abelard’s mobility and positioning, letting him dominate the battlefield and reach any foe.
  • Carouse: Makes Abelard a dependable teammate, able to resist debilitating effects and unlock unique dialogue options.
  • Medicae: Offers crucial battlefield healing, keeping your entire party in the fight and reducing reliance on external resources.
  • Thick Skin: Provides additional parry and damage deflection, further solidifying Abelard’s role as an immovable bulwark.

Following this guide will ensure that Abelard becomes a reliable and powerful companion, capable of standing against the myriad threats in the grim darkness of the 41st millennium.

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