Rogue Trader Argenta Romance Guide


Rogue Trader Argenta romance guide

In the perilous depths of Warhammer 40k Rogue Trader, where survival hinges on cunning and firepower, the enigmatic Sister Argenta stands as a stalwart companion. Her unwavering devotion to the Emperor and her prowess with ranged weapons make her an invaluable asset in the face of xenos threats and heretical scum.

But for those harboring dreams of a forbidden romance with this fierce warrior, prepare for disappointment – Argenta’s heart belongs to a higher power, leaving no room for earthly affections.

Rogue Trader Argenta

Argenta’s path to your Rogue Trader crew is steeped in both nobility and tragedy. Hailing from a lineage of loyal imperial officers, she chose the austere path of the Adeptus Sororitas, the Sisters of Battle.

Rogue Trader Argenta Romance Guide

These formidable warriors dedicate their lives to the Emperor, their souls hardened by rigorous training and unwavering faith. Argenta embodies this dedication, her commitment to her duty and the Emperor’s will burning with the intensity of a righteous flame.

As a Soldier archetype, Argenta excels in wielding ranged weaponry. From the righteous fury of boltguns to the tactical precision of plasma rifles, her aim is true and her shots find their mark with devastating efficiency.

Stats Speak Volumes

  • Ballistic Skill – 40: Argenta’s aim is as sharp as her faith, making her a deadly markswoman.
  • Toughness – 40: Clad in power armor and fueled by righteousness, Argenta can weather the storm of battle with her head held high.
  • Agility – 45: Swift on her feet and quick to react, Argenta maneuvers through the battlefield with grace and purpose.
  • Perception – 40: No ambush escapes Argenta’s watchful eyes. She sees through the shadows and anticipates enemy movements, ensuring your team is always one step ahead.

Rogue Trader Argenta Romance

However, these impressive stats and Argenta’s undeniable strength do not translate into romantic pursuits. As a Sister of Battle, her heart is irrevocably devoted to the Emperor.

Her vows of chastity and unwavering dedication to her sacred duty leave no room for earthly desires. Any attempts at flirting or romancing Argenta will be met with polite disinterest, or worse, a stern reminder of her priorities.

Accepting Argenta’s unwavering devotion to the Emperor is not a rejection, but an opportunity to forge a different bond. Her loyalty and unwavering support are invaluable assets in the treacherous world of Rogue Trader.

She will stand beside you, sharing the burden of your decisions and facing down unspeakable horrors with unwavering courage. Appreciate her for what she is – a loyal sister, a skilled warrior, and a steadfast companion in the darkness.

While Argenta may not be a love interest, the vast expanse of Rogue Trader offers a plethora of other characters and potential romances.

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