Rogue Trader Cassia Build Guide

Lovekaran Singh

Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader Cassia Build Guide

Cassia is a cool character in Rogue Trader. She’s super powerful and can do lots of different things in your team. But, she’s the best at helping from the back, using special powers to make your friends stronger and make your enemies weaker.

Rogue Trader Cassia Build

In this guide, we’ll talk about the best way to make Cassia really good at helping your team, so she becomes super important for your group.

Primary Characteristics

To make Cassia strong, focus on three main things: Willpower, Fellowship, and Perception. Cassia helps her teammates and weakens enemies from the backline.

  • Willpower is the most important because it makes her buffs and debuffs stronger.
  • Fellowship comes next and makes some buffs better in social situations.
  • Perception helps her stay alive and makes her debuffs on enemies more effective.


Cassia’s natural stat distribution aligns with Persuasion and Commerce skills. Investing in these skills will complement her role as a negotiator and enhance her effectiveness in various social and economic interactions.

Talents (Levels 5-15)

  1. Level 5: Willpower, Mastery of Time
  2. Level 6: Seize the Initiative, Willpower
  3. Level 7: Notch of Purpose, Perilous Ways
  4. Level 8: Eye of Oblivion, Awareness
  5. Level 9: Finest Hour! (Upgrade IV)
  6. Level 10: Persuasion, Perception
  7. Level 11: Ebb and Flow, Fellowship
  8. Level 12: Point of Curiosity, Tonicity


  1. Finest Hour!
  2. Inspire Courage
  3. Pass Unscathed
  4. Willpower
  5. Guide of Souls
  6. Reveal the Light
  7. Threads and Faults
  8. Ebb and Flow
  9. Waking Nightmare
  10. Eye of Oblivion
  11. Finest Hour! – Death Immunity

Gear and Equipment

Cassia’s weapon of choice is the Navigator Staves. Equip her with items that increase her Willpower, Fellowship, and Perception.

Customizing her gear to enhance these characteristics will make Cassia an invaluable asset to any Rogue Trader party.

With this build, Cassia will be a powerful and versatile addition to your team. Experiment with different Talents and Abilities to find what works best for you.

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