Fix Rogue Trader Classified Information Bug

Lovekaran Singh

Fix Rogue Trader Classified Information Bug

Ah, the Classified Information quest in Rogue Trader. A tantalizing glimpse into the Imperium’s murky past, often met with a frustrating brick wall of bugs and glitches.

Fear not, fellow Rogue Traders! This guide will equip you with the knowledge to navigate this treacherous quest and (hopefully) emerge victorious.

How To Fix Rogue Trader Classified Information Bug

The developers acknowledged the bug and stated it was an unfinished quest that should no longer appear after the 0.2.1ag patch. However, many players report the issue persists even after updating.

Here are Several Solutions for Classified Information Bug:

Update the Game

Check for game updates! While the bug was supposedly fixed in patch 0.2.1ag, some players report its persistence. Updating may offer a clean slate if you haven’t already.

Toybox Time

For the technically savvy, the “Toybox” mod offers a workaround. This mod allows you to manipulate game variables, potentially resetting the quest or forcing completion.

However, proceed with caution, as modding can have unintended consequences.

Report the bug

If you encounter the issue, report it to the developers through the official channels. Your voice helps prioritize bug fixes.

Online forums and communities like Reddit’s Rogue Trader subreddit are great resources for troubleshooting advice and shared experiences.

While the Classified Information bug can be frustrating, it shouldn’t dampen your Rogue Trader adventure. With a bit of patience and resourcefulness, you can hopefully overcome this obstacle and uncover the secrets of the past. Good luck, fellow Rogue Trader!

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