Warhammer 40K: Rogue trader commorragh walkthrough

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Commorragh, the dark city of the Drukhari, is a place of both terror and opportunity. For Rogue Traders braving the depths of the Webway, it is a location that can bring immense wealth and power, but also one where danger lurks around every corner.

In this guide, we will provide a walkthrough for Rogue Traders venturing into Commorragh, helping them survive its perils and achieve their goals.

Rogue Trader Commorragh

This guide will serve as your compass through the twisting alleys and hidden chambers of Commorragh, offering insights into the city’s dangers, opportunities, and denizens.

Entering the Webway

The first step to entering Commorragh is to find a Webway portal. These portals are hidden throughout the galaxy, and they are often guarded by the Drukhari or other hostile forces.

Once a portal is found, the Rogue Trader must navigate through the Webway, a complex and shifting maze of tunnels and chambers that can lead to different destinations or traps.

Surviving Commorragh

Once inside Commorragh, the Rogue Trader must be careful not to attract attention or provoke hostility from the Drukhari. The Drukhari are divided into several subcultures, each with their own agenda and allies.

The Rogue Trader must learn to navigate the complex politics of Commorragh and avoid becoming caught in the crossfire between different factions.

Achieving Your Goals

Commorragh is a city of opportunity, where the Rogue Trader can find rare and valuable resources. However, they must be careful not to overstay their welcome or overstep their bounds.

The Drukhari are always looking for new victims or slaves, and the Rogue Trader must know when to leave Commorragh before it is too late.

Commorragh is a dangerous and rewarding destination for Rogue Traders who seek adventure and profit in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. It is a place where only the brave, the cunning, and the lucky can survive.

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