Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader Inquisition Hipwreck Guide

Lovekaran Singh

Warhammer 40K Rogue trader inquisition shipwreck Guide

Deep within the frozen wastes of the Pillars of Viridice system lies a chilling enigma: the Inquisition Shipwreck. This hulking metal carcass, nestled on an anonymous ice world, beckons Rogue Traders with whispers of lost technology, forgotten secrets, and untold riches. But venturing into its icy embrace is no simple matter.

Rogue Trader Inquisition shipwreck

Here’s how to navigate the treacherous wreck of the Inquisition Shipwreck and claim its hidden treasures.

Charting the Course

The first hurdle is finding the shipwreck itself. A mere scan of the planet’s desolate surface won’t suffice. You’ll need to employ your keenest scanners, your most skilled navigators, and perhaps even a touch of luck to pinpoint its location amidst the endless glaciers and frozen plains.

Into the Wreckage

Once your shuttle touches down on the northeastern corner of the map, the real adventure begins. The crashed ship, a testament to some forgotten cataclysm, looms before you like a skeletal monument.

Step through the breach in its hull and brace yourself for the frigid air and the stench of decay.

Twisted Corridors

Turn right down a hallway, past the silent forms of fallen Inquisitorial personnel. Loot their cold corpses and the scattered crates for whatever meager scraps they may hold.

A Medicae among your crew might glean some insights into their final moments, painting a grim picture of the ship’s demise.

Key to the Puzzle

Don’t miss the corpse on the western side. It clutches a Sentry’s Key Card, a vital piece in unlocking the ship’s secrets. With it in hand, head north and prepare to navigate a more open area.

Treacherous Traps and Technological Secrets

Turn left and watch your step! A hidden trap awaits, its teeth hungry for the unwary. Disarm it with a practiced hand and press forward. You’ll soon encounter a terminal, its cold logic humming with the echoes of a bygone era.

A Logic check might unlock some tantalizing details about the ship’s malfunctioning reactor, hinting at the tragedy that befell its crew.

The Lure of the Inferno

This is just the beginning, Rogue Trader. The Inquisition Shipwreck holds many more secrets, including the legendary Inferno Pistol, a weapon whispered to crack open the very fabric of reality.

But be warned, the deeper you delve, the more you risk stirring the slumbering darkness within. Are you brave (or foolish) enough to claim this prize?

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