Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader – Interstellar Sextant Fight Guide

Lovekaran Singh

Rogue Trader – Interstellar Sextant Fight

Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader offers players a vast, seemingly open world to explore once Chapter 2 begins. Players can warp jump from system to system, living the life of a true explorer. However, the system’s power level can be random, with difficulty seemingly unrelated to proximity to Footfall.

One such example is the fight against the Interstellar Sextant in System Speculo, where the enemy attempts to flee with the loot.

This guide will show you how to defeat the Interstellar Sextant before it disengages.

How to Beat the Interstellar Sextant

The main challenge of this battle is the enemy’s ability to move before you. While the Interstellar Sextant is supposed to disengage after three turns, it actually escapes in two of your turns since you move after it.

Here’s how to overcome this challenge:

1. Reload the Autosave

When the fight begins, reload the Autosave file. This will inexplicably move you to the front of the move order, making victory possible with starting void ship parts.

2. Round 1

Move close to the Interstellar Sextant and use the Prow Lance and Dorsal Macro Cannons on it. Additionally, shoot the Cobra-Class Destroyer to the right with the Starboard Macro Battery and deploy the Torpedos towards the Sextant.

3. Round 2

Ram the Torpedoes into the back of the Interstellar Sextant and then follow it behind the Cobra-Class Destroyer. Use the Lance and Macro Cannons again on the Sextant. If you’re lucky, its Hull Integrity will drop below 50%, causing it to surrender.

4. Surrender

To defeat the Interstellar Sextant and prevent its escape, you simply need to reduce its Hull Integrity below 100. Once this happens, it will surrender and become a friendly NPC you cannot harm.

5. Finish the Fight

The remaining enemies should be easy to defeat. Destroy the Cobra to your Starboard, then fly to the torpedoes and destroy the Viper and the remaining Cobra.

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