Rogue Trader Mysterious Sword Shard Guide

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Rogue Trader Mysterious Sword Shard Guide

The Rogue Trader Mysterious Sword Shard, is a powerful and mysterious object. It offers great power but also carries danger.

This guide helps you understand the sword shard, how it affects your adventure and the decisions you make along the way.

Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader Mysterious Sword Shard

Each shard encounter presents a pivotal choice: claim the power, walk away, or sever its influence. Your decisions ripple through the narrative, shaping your character and the world around you.

Chapter 1: Rykad Minoris

The first shard emerges from the shadows after defeating the Chaos Spawn. Claim it for enhanced melee prowess, but beware the whispers of corruption. 


Chapter 2: Eurac V

The Electrodynamic Cenobium holds the second shard, a prize for defeating Aurora. Embrace its power for amplified energy damage and resistance, but prepare for unsettling visions and voices. 

Chapter 3: Kiava Gamma

The Starport awaits, and the Herald of Tzeentch guards the third shard. Seize it for potent psychic abilities, but face the consequences of inflated ambition and arrogance. Leave it dormant, or offer it to Heinrix to solidify his loyalty and power.

Chapter 4: Drifting Voidship

A Chaos Marine stands between you and the fourth shard. Claim it for bolstered armor and health regeneration, but grapple with the urge for reckless violence.  Leave it behind, or entrust it to Argenta to ignite her devotion and fearlessness.

Chapter 5: Latotian’s Passage

The Underworld whispers secrets of the final shard, guarded by the Blade Master. Embrace it to forge the complete weapon and unlock its full potential, but brace for a final confrontation with its enigmatic owner. 

Leave it untouched, or hand it to Marazhai to unleash its power against your foes, securing his unwavering loyalty and transforming him into an unstoppable ally.

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