Rogue Trader Secret Ending Guide


Warhammer 40K Rogue Trader Secret Ending Guide

The Rogue Trader secret ending is a challenging achievement that can only be unlocked by completing specific steps across all five acts of the game.

How To Unlock The Secret Ending

Here’s how to unlock the secret ending in rouge trader:

Choose and stick with a conviction for the entire story

You can pick any of the three major convictions: Dogmatic (unflinching devotion, harsh and cruel), Iconoclast (empathy for the individual, a kinder path), or Heretical (following the ways of Chaos). By choosing a conviction, you’ll slowly level it up and be able to pass more speech checks as you progress further in the game.

Follow the specific steps for your chosen conviction

Each conviction has its own set of steps that you must follow to reach the secret ending. Here are the steps for the Heretical conviction:

  • Do everything the Cogitator on your bridge needs.
  • Collect the data the Cogitator reveals.
  • Use the Cogitator in Act 2 to learn about a strange creature.
  • Don’t execute the Techpriest stowaway.
  • Keep the strange creature alive up until the end.

Achieve the secret ending

  • Pay attention to the choices you make throughout the game, as they will all affect your conviction level.
  • Be careful not to make any choices that would go against your chosen conviction.
  • Explore all of the game’s areas and talk to all of the NPCs, as you may find clues or items that will help you on your journey to the secret ending.
  • Save your game frequently, so you can reload if you make a mistake.

Rewards for achieving the secret ending

  • You will earn the “How Did It All End?” achievement.
  • You will see a special ending that is different from the other endings in the game.

The secret ending is still being discovered by players, so there may be other ways to achieve it.

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