Rogue Trader Servitors Decision Guide

Lovekaran Singh

rogue trader servitors decision guide

In the unforgiving expanse, Rogue Traders rely on diverse tools to survive and thrive. Servitors, cybernetically-enhanced beings, rank high among these. But choosing the right servitor is no simple matter.

It’s about matching purpose, origin, and upkeep to your unique needs.

Warhammer 40K rogue trader servitors decision

Here is how to navigate the murky world of servitor acquisition and utilization.

Know Your Tool

  • Combatants: Seek out hardened criminals sculpted into warriors. Equip them with fearsome weaponry and honed tactics to become your impenetrable shield or ruthless assault force.
  • Laborers: Tireless and efficient, servitors can delve into mines, build outposts, or tirelessly maintain your vessel. Opt for robust bodies and specialized tools to maximize their output.
  • Companions: From tireless attendants to skilled entertainers, servitors can add comfort and convenience to your life. Prioritize pleasant features and personalities for smooth interactions.

Where to Find Your Servant

  • Market Bargains: Black markets, Mechanicus bazaars, and rival traders offer quick access, but beware of hidden flaws, inflated prices, and potential traps.
  • Hard-Won Trophies: Captured enemy servitors come bearing valuable intel and resources, but expect fierce battles and ethical quandaries. Reprogramming and repairs could be your new reality.
  • Custom Creations: For the discerning master, building your own servitor offers ultimate control. This path demands specialized facilities, technical expertise, and a delicate dance with morality and law.

Mind the Machine

  • Powering Up: Internal batteries or external generators – choose the balance between convenience and portability. Monitor their needs and plan accordingly.
  • Patching the Cracks: Self-repairing nanites offer convenience, while skilled techs and medics provide a wider range of fixes. Factor in downtime and resource availability.
  • Sharpening the Blade: From modular upgrades to intricate surgeries, enhancing your servitor requires foresight and resources. Invest in skills and technologies that align with your desired improvements.

Remember, servitors are more than tools. Treat them with respect and understanding, and they will become loyal companions on your path through the uncharted corners of the galaxy.

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