Rogue Trader: the call of the Edge guide

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Rogue trader the call of the edge guide

In the grimdark expanse of Warhammer 40,000, where humanity clings to survival amidst a universe of unending war and cosmic horrors, there exists a breed of daring individuals who defy the rigid order of the Imperium – the Rogue Traders.

Armed with a warrant of trade and an insatiable thirst for adventure, they venture into the uncharted Koronus Expanse, a region shrouded in mystery and teeming with opportunity and peril.

Rogue trader the call of the edge

Rogue Trader: The Call of the Edge is your essential guide to navigating this treacherous frontier. Within its pages, you’ll find the tools and inspiration to craft your own legend as a Rogue Trader, a captain of your fate and the master of your own destiny.

Unravel the Secrets of the Koronus Expanse

  • Chart a course through uncharted systems: From the verdant jungles of Salient to the industrial hellholes of Stygius, explore the diverse landscapes and rich history of the Expanse.

  • Encounter the denizens of the frontier: Forge alliances with cunning Rogue Trader dynasties, barter with enigmatic xenos traders, and face off against ruthless pirate lords and heretic cults.

  • Confront the Edge of Darkness: This warp-tainted anomaly pulsates with danger and opportunity. Uncover its secrets, navigate its treacherous currents, and reap the rewards for those who dare to defy the unknown.

Forge Your Own Rogue Trader Dynasty

  • Build your crew: Recruit a band of loyal and diverse companions, each with their own skills, secrets, and ambitions. From loyal veterans to enigmatic specialists, your crew is the heart of your venture.

  • Expand your domain: Establish trading outposts, negotiate lucrative contracts, and plunder ancient ruins to amass wealth and influence. The Expanse is your oyster, ripe for the taking.

  • Embrace new roles: Take on the mantle of an astropath, channeling the power of the warp to navigate the void, or become a cunning missionary, spreading the Emperor’s word amidst the xenos. The possibilities are endless.

Embark on Epic Adventures

  • Ignite the fires of adventure: Discover a wealth of ready-to-play scenarios and plot hooks, from uncovering lost relics to thwarting incursions from the Edge of Darkness. Each adventure promises thrilling encounters and unexpected twists.

  • Craft your own destiny: The Expanse is your sandbox. Use the book’s system for generating missions and challenges to tailor adventures to your unique vision, creating a campaign that truly feels like your own.

  • Embrace the dice and the narrative: The streamlined ruleset ensures fast-paced, action-packed gameplay, while the open-ended narrative system allows for boundless creativity. The choices you make and the dice you roll will shape your story.

Rogue Trader: The Call of the Edge is more than just a rulebook; it’s an invitation to a universe of endless possibilities.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the Expanse or a newcomer yearning for adventure, this guide will equip you with the tools and inspiration to carve your own legend in the annals of Koronus.

So, gather your crew, fuel your engines, and prepare to venture beyond the Imperium’s reach. The Koronus Expanse awaits!

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