Fix Infinite Loading Screen/Stuck on Loading Screen in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League


Fix Infinite Loading Screen/Stuck on Loading Screen in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

The release of “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” has garnered much excitement among gamers, offering an opportunity to immerse themselves in the DC Comics universe. However, like any complex video game, players may encounter technical issues that affect the overall gaming experience. One of the frustrating problems reported by players is the infinite loading screen or being stuck on the loading screen.

How to Fix Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Stuck on Loading Screen

Here are some user suggested solutions solutions to address this issue and get you back into the action-packed world of Suicide Squad.

Join a Friend’s Game

Some players have reported success in overcoming the infinite loading screen by joining a friend’s game. This workaround involves completing a side quest in your friend’s game and saving your progress. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Join a friend’s game: Connect with a friend who is currently playing Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.
  2. Complete a side quest: Engage in a side quest or mission within your friend’s game and ensure that you collect all loot drops during the quest.
  3. Quit the session: Once the side quest is completed and loot is collected, exit the game session.
  4. Load your single-player game: Try loading your single-player game again and check if the infinite loading screen issue is resolved.

Check for Game Updates

Game developers at Rocksteady Studios are actively working on addressing reported issues and releasing updates to improve game stability. It’s crucial to ensure that your game is running the latest version.

Adjust Firewall Settings

Firewall settings on your computer can sometimes interfere with the loading process of the game. Configuring your firewall settings may help in resolving the infinite loading screen issue.

  1. Adjust firewall settings: Navigate to your computer’s firewall settings and ensure that they are not overly restrictive. Add exceptions for the game if necessary.
  2. Disable firewall temporarily: If adjusting settings does not resolve the issue, consider temporarily disabling your firewall while launching the game. Remember to re-enable it afterward.

Log in at Quieter Times

If the issue is server-related, logging in during off-peak hours might reduce the load on the servers and potentially resolve the infinite loading screen problem.

  1. Log in during off-peak hours: Try accessing the game during times when server traffic is lower, such as early morning or late at night.
  2. Check server status: Monitor official channels or websites for information on server status and peak usage times.

Wait for Server Maintenance

Game developers often conduct server maintenance to address critical bugs and improve overall performance. If the infinite loading screen issue persists, consider waiting for scheduled server maintenance.

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