Tekken 8 Reina Mishima Guide


Tekken 8 Reina Mishima Guide

Reina Mishima, a new fighter in Tekken 8! She’s like a ninja with super-fast moves and cool flips. Reina mixes Mishima karate with Taido, making her fighting style awesome and powerful. To be really good with Reina, you need to know her strengths, figure out her tricks, and let loose her amazing skills in the battle!

Tekken 8 Reina Mishima

Mastering Reina requires understanding her unique strengths, weaknesses, and intricate move combinations.

Master Her Movement

Reina’s fighting style revolves around dynamic movement and defensive strategies. Sentai, a special movement technique, allows her to close the distance swiftly, enabling powerful rushes. Combine this with Unsoku, which grants Reina agile footwork for delivering devastating attacks.

Learn The Combos

Reina Mishima has a mix of Karate and Taido moves, making her combos awesome. Use moves like Wind God Fist and Spinning Demon for powerful combos. Learn how her moves flow to get better at fights.

Understand Strengths And Weaknesses

Reina fights fast and fierce, but she has weak points too. Notice her strengths like quick hits and quick moves, and watch out for her vulnerabilities, especially to counterattacks. Understand Reina’s abilities to make smart strategies against different opponents.

Practice Diligently

Becoming a pro with Reina takes practice. Spend time practicing her moves, combos, and how different techniques work together. Regular practice will make it easy for you to use her moves in real battles.

To master Reina, you need to be good at moving, doing combos, and thinking strategically. Take on the challenge, practice a lot, and discover all the cool things

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