Fix Tekken 8 Stuttering issue

Lovekaran Singh

Fix Tekken 8 Stuttering issue

Tekken 8’s fiery arenas and electrifying combos deserve a smooth experience. But for some fighters, stuttering throws a wrench into the flow. Fear not, warriors! Here’s your guide to banishing those performance hiccups and reclaiming your rightful place at the top of the leaderboards.

How To Fix Tekken 8 Stuttering issue

Here are several solutions to banish stutters and reclaim your Tekken dominance:

1. MSAA and Forced Enhancements

These can be beautiful, but for Tekken 8’s fast pace, they might be the villain. Disable them in your video driver settings and watch the stutters fade.

2. V-Sync and Fullscreen Modes

V-Sync can cause input lag. Try disabling it and experimenting with different fullscreen modes (windowed, exclusive, etc.) to find the sweet spot.

3. Rollback Setting Switch

Some players report success changing the rollback setting to “Prioritize Response” in the game’s options. This can improve responsiveness at the cost of some visual fidelity.

4. Network Adapter Shuffle

Even unused adapters can throw punches at your performance. Open your Windows network settings and disable any unused ones. That Bluetooth stick you forgot about? It might be the hidden opponent!

5. NVIDIA’s SHARE Shadow

The GeForce Experience’s SHARE function can turn into a laggy distraction in fullscreen mode. Disable it and unleash your combos without laggy replays.

6. Pre-emptive Strike

This one’s for first-time warriors. During your first boot, let the game compile all shaders. This might take a while, but it can smooth out your framerate in the long run.

7. Driver Updates

Ensure your graphics card drivers are up-to-date. New drivers often include performance improvements and bug fixes.

With these tips in your arsenal, you’ll be back to dominating the arena in no time. Go forth, unleash your combos, and claim your Tekken 8 victory!

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