Fix The Finals Black Screen On Startup Issue

Lovekaran Singh

Fix The Finals Black Screen On Startup

Are you a budding contender in The Finals, eagerly sharpening your skills for the ultimate basketball showdown? But before you can slam dunk your way to glory, you’re met with a frustrating wall – a black screen blocking your path at startup. Fear not, hopeful champion, for this guide is your alley-oop to victory!

How to Fix The Finals Black Screen On Startup

Here are several troubleshooting methods to vanquish that darkness and claim your rightful arena glory.

Wait for Black Screen to Pass

First, take a deep breath and wait. The Finals sometimes throws up a black screen during initial loading, particularly on the first launch. Give it a 5 to 10 minute, and you might just find yourself courtside in no time.

Adjust In-Game Graphic Settings

If patience isn’t your virtue, try adjusting the in-game graphics settings. Dial back the visual spectacle to minimal levels, especially options like shadows, anti-aliasing, and textures.

Update your GPU drivers

Outdated graphics drivers can wreak havoc on even the most valiant games. Head over to your graphics card manufacturer’s website (NVIDIA, AMD, Intel) and download the latest drivers for your specific GPU.

Install them, reboot your PC, and see if the black screen vanishes.

File Integrity Check

Sometimes, game files get corrupted like a fumbled pass. To restore order, utilize Steam’s file integrity verification.

Right-click The Finals in your library, select Properties, then Local Files, and finally “Verify integrity of game files.” Steam will scan and repair any corrupted files, potentially clearing the path to the arena.

Reinstall the game in a different directory

If your PC boasts multiple storage drives, try reinstalling The Finals on a different one than your operating system. Sometimes, specific directories cause conflicts, and this simple relocation might be the game-changer you need.

Underclock your CPU

For Intel i9 13th-gen CPU users, The Finals can be a buggy opponent. Some players have reported success by underclocking their CPU slightly in the BIOS.

Lower the performance core multiplier from x55 to x54, and you might find the black screen fades away, leaving you free to unleash your inner Steph Curry.

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