The Finals Dagger Backstab Guide

Lovekaran Singh

The Finals Dagger Backstab Guide

The Dagger, a deceptively elegant blade, dances between light and shadow in The Finals. Its primary attack, a swift flurry of slashes, is a whisper on the battlefield. But unleash its true potential, and you’ll become a phantom, a master of the silent strike.

The Finals Dagger Backstab

This guide isn’t for those who crave the roar of the Arena. It’s for the cunning minds, the unseen wolves who stalk the periphery.

Here, we delve into the art of the backstab, the Dagger’s ultimate secret.

Precision is your mantra

The backstab is a dance of angles. Every step, every crouch, must bring you within striking distance, unseen. Master the art of flanking, using cover and the environment to become a whisper in the chaos.

Patience, a silent weapon

Don’t rush. Wait for the opportune moment, when your target’s back is exposed, their attention elsewhere. A well-timed strike is a symphony of silence, a testament to your patience.

Embrace the shadows

The Cloaking Device becomes your ally, a shroud that lets you melt into the background. Use it to close the distance, to become a phantom unseen until the final, fatal blow.

Know your angle

The backstab’s sweet spot is narrow. Aim for the base of the skull, where spine meets flesh. A millimeter off, and your blade will find steel, not silence.

Charge and release

Hold that secondary fire, feel the power building within the Dagger. Then, unleash it in a swift, silent motion. The blade sings its deadly song, and your target falls, a whisper in the wind.

Know your limits

The Dagger is a high-risk, high-reward weapon. A missed strike leaves you vulnerable. Choose your battles wisely, strike when the odds are in your favor.

Be the unseen storm

Don’t be a one-trick pony. Master the Dagger’s swift slashes, use them to create openings, to confuse and disorient. Let your enemies underestimate the blade that dances in the shadows.

The Dagger is more than just a weapon; it’s a philosophy. It’s about patience, precision, and the thrill of the unseen strike. So, embrace the shadows, become the whisper in the Arena, and let your blade paint the battlefield with the silence of the backstab.

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