Fix Timberborn’s Bad Water Issue


Fix Timberborn's Bad Water Issue

Timberborn, a city-building game set in a post-human world, has garnered attention for its unique concept and gameplay mechanics. However, the introduction of bad water in update 0.5 has sparked controversy among players, leading to dissatisfaction and calls for its removal. In this article, we will explore the concerns raised by the community and propose potential solutions to address the bad water issue in Timberborn.

Timberborn’s Bad Water Issue

The addition of bad water in update 0.5 has significantly altered the gameplay experience for many users. Complaints range from aesthetic displeasure to frustration with the new building constraints imposed by the presence of bad water. One user expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of a “clean water only” option, highlighting the need for greater flexibility in gameplay settings.

Furthermore, players have reported difficulties in attempting to create a clean water version by editing the map, as the game does not allow the removal of bad water. While some have managed to mitigate its effects by setting its strength to zero, the overall sentiment is that bad water detracts from the core experience of the game and imposes unnecessary challenges on the players.

The dominance of bad water on every map has also been a point of contention, with players feeling that it restricts their freedom to plan, build, and design as they see fit. The game’s shift towards a heavy focus on bad water has led to concerns about the loss of creative agency and the departure from the original vision of the game.

Revert Back to Previous Version of Game

In response to these issues, the community has suggested various approaches to address the bad water problem. Some have recommended reverting to the previous version of the game (0.4) through the beta tab in the game settings on Steam, although this solution has not been effective for all players. Others have called for the swift release of update 0.6 to remove bad water entirely and restore the game to its former state.

Customize Game Settings

One potential fix can be customizing gameplay settings, allowing players to tailor their experience according to their preferences. This could include the option to disable bad water, adjust its prevalence, or implement alternative challenges for those who enjoy its presence.

Additionally, the development team could consider refining the mechanics and impact of bad water to strike a better balance between challenge and enjoyment. This may involve reworking the way bad water is integrated into the game, ensuring that it enhances the gameplay experience without overshadowing other aspects of city-building and resource management.

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