How To Use Hogwarts Legacy Money Cheat Engine


How to use Hogwarts Legacy money cheat engine

Getting unlimited gold in Hogwarts Legacy can make your gaming experience better. You can use cheat engine to change the in-game money and freely explore the magical world of Hogwarts without worrying about running out of coins. Just follow this step-by-step guide to money cheat engine in Hogwarts Legacy.

Step 1: Download And Install The Cheat Engine

Yours first step is getting the cheat engine for your game. After you install it, find the cheat table made for Hogwarts Legacy. Just double-click the cheat table file to open it in the cheat engine.

Step 2: Activating The Cheat Engine

Make sure the cheat tool matches with Hogwarts Legacy, by clicking on the magnifying glass in the cheat tool. Then, pick and start the Hogwarts Legacy game in the tool. This helps you change things in the game like magic and points.

Step 3: Searching For Gold Value

Go to the next level in the game by finding the gold value. Gold is like a special code in the game. To find it, use a tool called cheat engine and search for ‘big endian.’ Add it as a new type and start searching to discover the gold value. Remember, the highest value is 32,767, but be careful not to go too low, as dropping to -24,000 gold can cause problems in the game.

Step 4: Hacking Shop Prices

If you want to find ways to get better deals when shopping, try using special tricks in a game. You can activate something called ‘signed search’ or look for a number close to 65,535 minus the amount of gold you have. For example, if you have -24,000 gold, try searching for a positive value like 41,535.

By following these simple steps, you can harness the power of the cheat engine to shape your in-game wealth and potentially unlock other intriguing possibilities in the magical world of Hogwarts Legacy.

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