Fix Villager Bed Glitch in Fortnite

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Fix Villager Bed Glitch in Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite’s charming villages breathe life into the brick-built world, offering bustling communities and valuable quests. However, the idyllic atmosphere can be shattered by the frustrating “Villager Bed Glitch,” where these residents refuse to acknowledge their assigned beds.

This guide dives deep into the culprit behind this glitch and equips you with proven strategies to bring slumber back to your village.

How to Fix Lego Fortnite Villager Bed Glitch

Here are several troubleshooting methods you can try to solve this issue.


Make sure those cozy beds are tucked inside the cheery yellow glow of your village borders. Those lines aren’t just for decoration, they’re magic sleep detectors for your villagers.

Beds outside the glow won’t register, leaving your villagers wide awake with wanderlust.

No Bed-hopping Allowed

Foundations and prebuilt houses might be convenient, but they can also play bed-blocker. Keep your beds nice and independent, not attached to these structures, or your sleepyheads won’t recognize them as snooze-worthy.

Counting Sheep (and Villagers)

Don’t be a Scrooge with the beds! Villagers need their rest, so make sure you have enough slumber spots for everyone.

Check the village totem for your villager headcount and upgrade your village if needed.

Bed Tetris

Want to switch roommates or clear out a grumpy grump? Beds are your magical relocation tool! Place an unassigned bed, choose “Assign to bed,” and move the current resident’s bed to their new digs. Feeling ruthless?

Destroying a bed sends that villager packing quicker than a chicken chased by a wolf.

Restart the Game

Sometimes, even the best-laid beds can’t cure a glitch. If none of these tips work, try restarting the game or waiting for a helpful update from Epic Games.

Remember, you’re not alone! Report the bug on the LEGO Fortnite subreddit or website, and together we can build a bug-free village paradise.

So there you have it, the key to a peaceful night in your LEGO Fortnite village.

With these tips, your weary villagers will be counting sheep (and their blessings) in no time! Now go forth, build, and slumber soundly, fellow architects!

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