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Fallout 4: Getting a Clue

Players of Fallout 4 must want to Complete the Getting a Clue quest in Fallout 4, from gaining the key to Kellogg’s home to investigating his house. Our guide provides straightforward solutions to get you back into the game.

how does Getting a Clue appear?

That confirms it. This isn’t a random kidnapping, Whoever took your kid had an agenda. Hmm… There’s a lot of groups in the commonwealth that take people. Raiders, Super Mutants, the Gunners, and of course, there’s the Institute.” – Nick Valentine

Now that you’ve found Nick Valentine safe and sound, it’s time to kickstart the next part of our adventure. Head over to Nick’s detective office in Diamond City. Do a chat with Nick and fill him in on all the details about Shaun’s kidnapping. With his super sleuth skills, Nick will put the pieces together and realize that a guy named Kellogg matches the description of the kidnapper. Before you hit the road with Nick to track down Kellogg, chat with his assistant to collect the payment you agreed upon earlier for finding Nick.

how to fix the Getting a Clue quest in Fallout4

Here are some solutions from the Official site of Fallout that will help you Fix this Bug.

1. Move to Valentine’s Detective Agency

When you want to start the new “Getting A Clue” quest, open the Pip-Boy map of your game and travel to Diamond City Market. You have to meet with Nick Valentine first and find out what he knows about your missing son. When you get to the market, go to Valentine’s Detective Agency by following the marker on your map, and go inside.

Fallout 4: Valentine's Detective Agency

2. Talk to Nick’s assistant Ellie

After Nick meets up with his Assistant Ellie Perkins, tell her you’re glad to help. You’ll receive a little reward, like a battered fedora and faded trench coat for your work at Park Street Station.
Then, have a seat and prepare to tell Nick everything you know about Shaun’s disappearance.

Fallout 4: Ellie Perkins-secretary of Nick Valentine

3. Tell your story to nick

Start by talking about Vault 111 and then go through the conversation options, explain about the murder, the kidnappers, and Shaun himself. After listing possible suspects, Nick, asks about the mysterious Institute and then switches back to talking about Shaun.

Next, describe more about the kidnappers. One by one choose each option. Say yes when Nick asks if you’ve heard the name Kellogg before. If your description fits perfectly, Ellie will notice that. Also, Kellogg has been seen around town with an unfamiliar boy. Suggests that the child might be another kidnapped victim. Nick will ask you to join him in visiting Kellogg’s home.

Getting a Clue: Nick in Office

4. follow out nick

Get up from your chair and leave the building through the red door behind you. Follow Nick to the outside through the streets. Around the corner, go up the long flight of steps and then go to the building at the end. Wait for Nick to check Kellogg’s lock, after he finishes the checkup, try to pick it up yourself. Since the door is locked at the master level, you’ll probably need to find a key to open that.

Fallout 4: Diamond City

5. key to Kellog’s house

While following Nick, you will arrive at Kellog’s house, It seems empty, so you’ll have to break in. If you’re good at picking locks, you can try to pick the lock yourself. If not, you’ll need to get the key from the mayor’s assistant. Go to the entrance of Diamond City to find her and follow the signs to the Mayor’s office.

Kellogg’s house is straight ahead. Just follow Nick, it’s on the far right side of the map. You might see Piper arguing with the secretary, Inside the Mayor’s office. You can charm Piper for some XP. Then talk to the secretary Geneva. You can give her 250 caps to get the key, pass a tough speech test, or a more moderate one (“My baby’s been stolen“).

But if you don’t want to spend caps, Then you have two more choices.
1. Wait until nighttime and sneak into the office. You can steal the key from a simple lock on her desk.
2. Another option is to sneak into the next room, past the secretary’s desk.

Hack the mayor’s computer. Once you’re in, you can read his emails and notes, and open the safe to the left of you. Inside the safe, there is another Kellogg’s key.

Getting a Clue: Kelliog's house

6. Check of Kellogg’s house

Enter Kellog’s house. It’s a small place, so search for valuable things. Under the desk, you’ll find a hidden button. A secret door will open after pressing it. Enter the room and take the things you can. Cigar is the important clue, Make sure to grab it. Nick will want to talk to you soon. Suggest him to use Dogmeat to sniff the cigar. Nick will agree and he will ask if you want him to keep helping you. You can choose whatever you want.

Dogmeat will be waiting outside the house if you’ve met him before, or not. He’ll start tracking the scent after letting him smell the cigar.

This ends the “Getting a Clue” quest, and the next main quest, “Reunions” begins.

Getting a Clue: Hidden Button Under the Desk

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