Which Nintendo Royalty is the Best Leader?


zelda - Nintendo Royalty Best Leader

Nintendo is home to some of the most iconic and beloved video game characters of all time, including many royalty. But which Nintendo royal would make the best leader?

Nintendo Royalty Best Leader

In a recent poll published on Resetera, Zelda was the overwhelming favorite, with 55.2% of respondents saying she would be the best leader.

Other popular choices included Marth (12.9%), Rosalina (10.8%), and Peach (8.7%).


There are many reasons why people might choose Zelda as the best leader. She is wise, compassionate, and brave. She is also a skilled warrior and tactician. In the Legend of Zelda games, Zelda is often depicted as a leader who is willing to put her own life on the line to protect her people.

For example, in Breath of the Wild, Zelda sacrificed her own power to seal away Calamity Ganon, even though she knew that it would mean spending 100 years in sleep. She also showed great leadership in how she united the different races of Hyrule to fight against Calamity Ganon.


Marth is another popular choice for best leader. He is the prince of Altea in the Fire Emblem series, and he is known for his kindness, intelligence, and courage. Marth is also a skilled swordsman and tactician. He has led his people to victory in numerous battles against the forces of evil.


Rosalina is the princess of the cosmos in the Super Mario Galaxy series. She is also known as the Mother of the Lumas, who are a race of star-shaped creatures. Rosalina is wise and compassionate, and she is always willing to help those in need.

She is also a skilled pilot and navigator. She has led Mario and Luigi on many adventures through the cosmos, and she has helped them save the universe on several occasions.


Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom in the Super Mario series. She is known for her kindness, beauty, and intelligence. Peach is also a skilled athlete and magician. She has been kidnapped by Bowser many times, but she has always managed to escape and save her kingdom.

Peach is a symbol of hope and resilience, and she is an inspiration to many people.

Other Nintendo royalty that were mentioned in the poll include Bowser, Gannondorf, King Dedede, and K. Rool. However, these characters received much fewer votes than Zelda, Marth, Rosalina, and Peach. This is likely because they are all seen as villains in their respective games.

So, which Nintendo royal would make the best leader? Based on the results of the poll, it seems that Zelda is the clear favorite. She is wise, compassionate, brave, and skilled. She is also a proven leader who has saved her people on many occasions.

Why Zelda would be the best Nintendo royalty leader?

  • Zelda is a role model for people of all ages. She shows that it is possible to be strong, kind, and intelligent.
  • Zelda has a deep understanding of her people and their needs. She is always willing to listen to them and to help them in any way that she can.
  • Zelda is a visionary leader. She is always looking for ways to improve the lives of her people.
  • Zelda is a bridge-builder. She is able to bring people together from different backgrounds and to work towards a common goal.

Zelda is the best choice for Nintendo royalty leader. She is wise, compassionate, brave, skilled, and a proven leader. She is also a role model for people of all ages.

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